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What is an Audiologist?


Do you suspect that you have trouble hearing? Does anyone in your family have hearing problems? If so, visit an audiologist today to determine your exact hearing deficit and individualized treatment options.

An audiologist can tell you a lot about the specific problems with your hearing. He first reviews the history of your hearing and then determines the actual cause of your hearing problems. Many times, hearing deficit is related to a medical condition or disorder. If the condition is not medical, the audiologist will give you accurate recommendations for further treatment measures. These measures usually include hearing aids, aural rehabilitation, or balance therapy or a combination of those three.

What does an audiologist do exactly?

An audiologistis a healthcare provider who has the right to perform hearing tests and diagnose patients. He treats hearing disorders and problems with communication. Each audiologist must have a doctorate in audiology (Au.D) or a Master's or Doctoral degree from an accredited university audiology program. Most audiologists perform examinations on patients of all ages and determine the real cause of their hearing deficits.

What are the credentials of an audiologist?

A Master's degree in audiology is the minimum education for an audiologist. This degree includes specialized studies in the field of communication processes, as well as education in the areas of hearing loss. An audiologist must finish a course of supervised practice of at least 300 hours. Each audiologist completes more than nine months of clinical training before taking a written licensing examination approved by the state. Additionally, every audiologist must complete 30 hours of continuing competency learning activities every three years to maintain certification.

When would I seek out the services of an audiologist?

If you or a family member has trouble hearing, you should visit an audiologist. Also, it is difficult for you to tell if your child has hearing problems, but an audiologist has special testing measures for these circumstances. You should consider visiting an audiologist if your child:

  • has difficulty understanding what people are saying
  • is talking different than other children his or her age
  • does not respond to sounds or voices

If someone has a hearing problem, how does an audiologist help?

With the help of examinations and checks, an audiologist can assess your hearing to determine whether you have an impairing medical condition. He may refer you to a physician or recommend that you use hearing aids or other methods to modify the listening environment.

What can I expect during a hearing evaluation with an audiologist?

The audiologist uses the latest test equipment to evaluate your hearing, including headphones and speakers for accurate evaluation. He can also remove ear wax if it interferes with analysis and tests.

What should I do if I think I need hearing aids?

If you believe that you have a need for hearing aids, you should consult an audiologist. The audiologists who sell hearing aids first must be registered with the Department of State as hearing aid dispensers, so you can be sure that they are qualified professionals.

How do I find an audiologist?

Audiologists usually work in private offices, clinics, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities. Seek advice from people in your area who regularly see an audiologist. You can also check under "Audiologists" in the yellow pages of your telephone book. Additionally, you can get

information from professional organizations for assistance in identifying member providers.

Sometimes small indicators of hearing deficit and discomfort can be symptoms of a greater disorder. Do not wait until the situation becomes complicated. Take precautions now, and visit an audiologist. An audiologist helps those with hearing impairments perceive sound better.