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Dr. Sheri Yamashita in your Niles office is the perfect health care provider, in my opinion. She's smart, empathetic, a great listener and explainer, and committed to creativity in addressing my hearing needs. How many people we all deal with regularly do hard sells if their most expensive products? One life's little displeasures. You'll have to search elsewhere for that aggravation because Sheri will only offer products and services she knows are suited to each patient's needs. The hearing aids she's recommended are perfectly suited to my needs. I'm the patient but Sheri is patient. I'm lucky to have the benefit of her couple of decades experience, coupled with her efficiency, pleasant style and good sense of humor. You get the idea. Dr. Yamashita is great and I'm grateful!


I'm just writing to tell you how refreshing it is to be a patient at your practice. I've sent two friends to you. You're all so nice and professional, the way it's supposed to be. In particular, Lindsey is amazing, very kind and caring. I have seen two other audiologists and they were also great. Thanks for making a health problem easier to deal with.


Since attending the Hearing Healthcare Education Program “BETTER HEARING” from the Hearing Professionals of Illinois, I have become more comfortable with hearing loss and how to minimize stressors for myself and my family. I deal with this daily as my husband has bilateral hearing loss and bilateral hearing aids. Learning about the hearing side of the brain and using it (or not) appropriately is no joke. I came away with not only an appreciation for an annual hearing assessment as I move through life, but the need to give oneself a specific amount of time to adapt to the changes of a hearing device. I need to remember to allow the person with the hearing aid to TAKE CONTROL! I highly recommend attending to open your eyes and ears. During the presentation we were made aware of the need to establish eye contact, identify common household offenders to accurate hearing, positioning in noisy places – like restaurants, as well as how quickly we speak in today’s busy world. I left gaining so much to support my husband’s needs but also educated. I’m sure you’ll be surprised at all you take away.


Just a quick note to tell you how much Sivan has done for me. I had been misinformed about the type of hearing aids that were available to me. She walked me through everything and helped me find the perfect ones for me So much better! She has continued to help with all my questions and concerns. Sivan is very trustworthy and I have immensely enjoyed getting to know her. I feel that she is also very knowledgeable and has managed to help me in many situations. Thank you.


I developed hearing loss in my twenties. In order to maintain my active lifestyle and maximize the benefits of hearing aids I was determined to find the best possible care. Early on I worked with various audiology practices, often getting second and sometimes even third opinions, yet never being fully satisfied with the quality of care. That all stopped when I found Hearing Professionals of Illinois. I have been a patient now for over fifteen years and have never received less than the highest quality care and access to the latest hearing aid technology. While all the staff are very professional and knowledgeable, Sheri Yamashita has been my primary audiologist and the reason I have remained so loyal over the years. Sheri always seeks to understand my changing hearing needs and preferences, takes the time to answer all my questions and is relentless in finding the best technology to meet my needs. I wouldn’t trust my hearing to anyone else!

P. C.

I am very happy to report that, thanks to the diligence of Audiologist Brittany Nguyen, my hearing aids are working well and fitting properly. It is comforting to have an advocate that will listen to your concerns and work with you toward a satisfactory conclusion.

S. K.

I wanted to write and tell you what a wonderful experience we had at your office regarding the purchase of hearing aids for my mom. She is 87 and it was not an easy process. We went to Libertyville to pick up the hearing aids and worked with Merle Nathan. She was very professional and caring when dealing with my mom. I would highly recommend your office.

J. H.

I am so pleased with the service I receive from Susan Harris! She is always compassionate, patient and understanding regarding my hearing loss. I want to thank her and the staff for all of their support

P. C.

Over the last several months I have been given excellent care and service by your practice and, in particular, my audiologist, Andrea Karlin. From my testing to the purchase of hearing aids to their adjustment, I found her to be knowledgeable, professional, and friendly. It was easy to make a convenient appointment. Most importantly, Andrea helped me to select devices that are working great for me.

D. M.

Thanks again, Sheri Yamashita, for taking the additional time with NC to improve her hearing and help her with learning how to put the aids in independently.  When my wife and I visited with NC this last time, she could finally carry on a pleasant conversation with my wife; something that was impossible in the past.  It was obvious that her level of engagement had completely changed, and her previous habit of politely nodding during conversations was eliminated.

R. A.