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Over The Counter (OTC) Hearing Aids

In mid October 2022, a new class of Hearing Aids will officially be available for purchase Over-the Counter (OTC) and online. These OTC Hearing Aids ARE NOT a lower priced equivalent to the prescription Hearing Aids that Hearing Professionals of Illinois currently dispenses. Instead, they are a “new class” of basic, lower cost Hearing Aids with their own FDA labeling, manufacturing and reporting requirements. Essentially, OTC Hearing Aids are the auditory equivalent of “reader” glasses that you can buy at the drugstore. They are helpful to some but no substitute for a professional exam, prescription and service-based delivery model.

Hearing Professionals of Illinois believes that OTC Hearing Aids can be beneficial for the right patients. The first step to determine if OTC Hearing Aids are right for you is to have a comprehensive diagnostic hearing test. It is in your best interest to know if you are in the acceptable OTC fitting range as it is very easy to over or under estimate degree of hearing loss. Hearing loss varies widely and due to the complex nature of hearing, incorrectly self-fit devices have the potential to fail to help, prevent people from seeking further help and could damage hearing permanently.  If you have difficulty downloading and using an app on your phone, customizing OTC Hearing Aids will be difficult, especially with limited remote support. Hearing Professionals of Illinois believes that ongoing skilled audiological care is the key to a successful Hearing Aid fitting.

  • OTC Hearing Aids
  • Adults Only 18+
  • No Hearing Test Required
  • Self-Perceived Mild to Moderate Losses
  • Self-Selection
  • Basic Technology
  • Self-Fit
  • One size fits most
  • No trial period
  • Limited, if any remote support
  • No verification of amplification
  • No required Return Policy
  • Not covered by insurance
  • ~$1500/pair for decent performing devices
  • Prescription Hearing Aids
  • All Ages
  • Comprehensive Hearing Test Required
  • All Degrees and Types of Losses
  • Functional Needs Assessment by Audiologist
  • Most Sophisticated Technology
  • Fit by an Audiologist
  • Customized Design and Fit Options
  • 45-day Evaluation and Adjustment Period
  • Follow Up Visits and In Person Support
  • Real Ear Measurements/Speech Mapping
  • 45-day Return Policy
  • Depending on Insurance, Benefit may be Available
  • $1900-$4700/pair plus Fitting and Service Fees