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Signia Introduces New Power Series

Signia now offers a diverse selection of hearing aids for severe to profound hearing loss with the introduction of its new Power Series. Signia introduces optimal performance at the highest level of amplification (82/140 dB of gain) in a classic behind-the-ear hearing aid with the powerful Motion® SP BTE, while the popular Signia Carat™ — a very discreet RIC hearing aid — offers up to 75/130 dB of gain. They round out the Power options already available, including the versatile Motion® P BTE and discreet, lithium-ion inductively rechargeable Cellion™ RIC, both introduced in the fall of 2016.

The Power Series operates on the latest primax™ platform, which features low-power consumption and the most advanced binaural sound processing technology available, providing wearers with better-than-normal hearing with less listening effort in challenging environments like noisy restaurants or cocktail parties*.

More than one in ten people who are hard of hearing have a severe to profound loss. They rely on hearing aids more than anyone, and often need very powerful devices to amplify their acoustic environment and help with their communication.

Wide selection for diverse patient needs

Depending on audiological needs and patient preferences, Signia has multiple options available for people with severe to profound hearing loss:

  • The new and discreet Signia Carat primax, a RIC device that sits almost invisibly behind the ear, is available in 13 colors, and uses a standard size 13 battery, with rechargeable option.
  • Signia Cellion primax, also a RIC model and the first contactless rechargeable hearing aid in the world, features a lithium-ion battery pack that does not require users to change batteries (like smartphones). Cellion can deliver up to 75/130 dB with high power receivers, and comes in twelve colors.
  • The new Motion SP primax BTE uses a 675 size battery and features the highest amplification performance in the Power series at 82/140 dB. Motion SP is the successor to our popular Nitro®, can be optionally equipped with an audio shoe for direct audio input (DAI), and is available in six colors.
  • The smaller and versatile Motion P primax BTE uses a standard size 13 battery, is DAI-ready, and comes in 15 colors.

Latest in high-tech and comfort

All Signia primax hearing aids for severe to profound hearing loss offer a perfect balance between sound quality and speech intelligibility. SpeechMaster with binaural directionality focuses automatically on the wearer’s conversation partner and highlights speech regardless of where it comes from while suppressing noise. The automaticNarrow Directionality feature helps wearers understand conversations in noisy environments even in the midst of competing speech signals. Hearing aid microphones can also be steered remotely via the touchControlTM smartphone app (for iOS® and Android™). Wearers can stream from communication and entertainment devices wirelessly into their hearing aids with the easyTek™ audio streamer and easyTek™ app. All hearing aids in the power series are compatible with the recently launched Signia TeleCare™ and myHearing apps that enable hearing care professionals to empower and support patients through the fitting and trial process, making patient acclimatization and adjustments smoother and more convenient that ever.

Numerous advantages

People with severe hearing loss can particularly benefit from primax technologies. TwinPhone automatically transmits sound from a handset or smartphone into both hearing aids as soon as the receiver is held to the ear, making telephone conversations much easier to understand. People with an unaidable hearing loss in one ear can make optimal use of their “good” ear’s hearing ability with a CROS/BiCROS solution to better understand conversation partners.

In addition, most primax hearing aids come with integrated tinnitus functions, including a new proprietary Notch Therapy, which is clinically-proven to help people suffering from tonal tinnitus.

The Signia Power Series offers a wide selection of advanced hearing aids that include compact RICs and discreet BTE devices with a high degree of usability and comfort, designed for patients with severe to profound hearing loss.