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Hearing Healthcare Education Program

Congratulations on completing your hearing evaluation.  If you have been diagnosed with hearing loss, the next step to optimal hearing is to attend our 90 minute educational program on enhancing communication.  

Hearing Education Purpose

Hearing education is important because many people with hearing loss do not know its full impact on themselves and others around them. Understandably, many people do not even recognize their own hearing issues. Brain studies reveal dramatic changes that result from hearing loss and identify its negative impact on overall health. Unfortunately, this important part of our healthcare is frequently overlooked. Hearing education can prevent adverse effects of hearing loss and can maximize your quality of life.

What will I learn?

Think of this education program as preventative medicine for your hearing. We will provide you with comprehensive practical information for hearing well with hearing loss.

The nature of hearing loss:

  • Why people “hear”, but cannot always “make it out”
  • Why hearing loss is perceived differently from the patient vs. their loved ones

Coping strategies to maximize your hearing potential:

  • You will learn how to manage environmental circumstances that adversely affect hearing, such as communicating through walls and conversing in noisy restaurants

The best approach to hearing aid use:

  • How to determine when it is appropriate to pursue hearing aids
  • Realistic expectations regarding hearing aid use
  • The recipe for long term success with hearing aids
  • Addressing the persistent negativity regarding hearing aid use

Who should attend?

This program is helpful for patients with minimal hearing loss who are not yet experiencing a noticeable breakdown in communication. It is also beneficial for patients with more significant hearing loss who are candidates for hearing aid use.

We recommend that you attend this program with the members of your household because everyone will benefit from learning better communication strategies. With hearing loss, people typically struggle to hear more at home than they do elsewhere because of our habit of talking from room to room.

You and your family will learn methods to decrease the effort required to communicate successfully, and avoid the confusion and frustration that is commonly a result of hearing loss.