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Why You Should See a Professional for Hearing Aids

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Do you really need to see a hearing health professional for hearing aids? In short - no. But let’s face it, when does the short answer really tell you everything you need to know? The reality is that even though you can buy pretty much everything you possibly need in life online, it doesn’t mean that ordering a set of hearing aids is a good idea. Sure, it might be possible to get your sizing and hearing levels tested and then order for a cheaper price online, but in truth, this is rarely a good idea. It is almost always best to see a hearing care specialist to ensure that you get the best possible results. Here are a few reasons why.

The complexities of hearing aids

Hearing aids are incredibly complex devices, and your ear is also a delicate and complicated organic structure. Both these facts point to getting a hearing aid a decision you should base not on financial benefits but for reasons of health, comfort and longevity. Ask any hearing health professional and they will all tell you that the aid you choose should be based on your direct needs, which includes the fit, design and level of hearing you require. And no ear is the same - it is impossible to get a perfect fit that is comfortable without having a professional create it for you from a mold. Your hearing care provider will also take into account your lifestyle and personal requirements. In short, you will get a completely personal service that you just can’t get from communicating via email or ecommerce shopping basket.

A trained eye

Ultimately, hearing care professionals are trained to fit hearing aids and assistive hearing technology so they sit comfortably in your ear and improve your lifestyle. Taking the DIY route may cost you less money in the first place, but a well-fitted ear piece will last a lot longer. Also, when dealing with professionals, you can make use of their incredibly, up-to-date knowledge of new items and technology on the market.

The personal touch

As we discussed above, the personal touch is all but nonexistent online. Unless you see a real world health hearing professional you will be reliant on a one-size-fits-all, ‘cookie cutter’ solution to your hearing problem, which is more likely to end in tears. Or, at the very least, a reasonable amount of pain, soreness and tenderness. The opportunity to get some one-to-one advice and engagement on the right device, molding, and discussion of options is critical in the hearing aid buying process - and it just won’t be as accurate or effective if you buy online.

A good fit

Finally, without a perfect hearing aid fit, you run some major risks. Whistling and feedback is common if your device doesn’t fit properly, and, of course, you run the risk of the aid falling out of your ear. Don’t forget, these are incredibly delicate devices and a fall on a hard surface is almost guaranteed to mean costly repairs or replacements. So, don’t fall for the false economy logic. Buying from a hearing aid specialist means you get the best fit - and the best possible protection for your device.