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Why is a Hearing Aid Fitting Important?

hearing aids being fitted

Going for a hearing aid fitting may not realize like an essential appointment if you don’t know what to expect. But in reality, a fitting is one of the most critical parts of the process of managing hearing loss, if not the most important. 

Sometimes, though, the benefits of a hearing aid fitting aren’t immediately obvious. In this article, we’re going to clear up the confusion and take a look at why you should invest your time in a hearing aid fitting. 

A hearing aid fitting helps you learn more about your devices and how to care for them

Hearing aids are valuable pieces of equipment. Therefore, you want to make sure that you not only get the most out of them but can care for them too. 

During a hearing aid fitting, your audiologist will run through some of the basics on how to set them up and adjust the settings. You may find that you need to tweak settings as you wear them, particularly if the nature of your hearing loss changes. 

A hearing aid fitting can also give you valuable advice on how to look after and maintain your hearing aids. They are in constant use and sit inside your body, require a specific maintenance schedule to help them last for longer. Earwax can get into the various ports and tubes on the device, affecting performance. 

A hearing aid fitting helps you find a comfortable hearing aid

Wearing a hearing aid is important for your long-term health and wellbeing if you have hearing loss. Not being able to hear other people can lead you to remove yourself from social situations, leading to secondary conditions, like depression. 

Going to a hearing aid fitting is essential because it helps you find a device that fits comfortably. If the equipment causes you irritation or pain, then it may discourage you from wearing it, leading to a host of complications later on. 

Your audiologist will take a mold of your outer ear and then create it for you. The mold ensures that the shape of the device comforts precisely to the shape of your ear. 

Sometimes, your ear can change shape throughout your lifetime. A hearing aid fitting, is something that you’ll want to do more than once to make sure that your devices fit perfectly. Studies show that people who have ill-fitting hearing aids don’t wear them.

A hearing aid fitting helps you select the correct amplification

The purpose of hearing aids is to provide an amplified sound to your ear so you can hear what’s going on around you. Setting the optimal level for this sound is a challenge. Too quiet and you won’t be able to hear other people; too loud and it could cause discomfort. Your audiologist will work with you based on your hearing test results to determine the correct volume for you.