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Who is Most at Risk for Hearing Loss?

Man with Hearing Loss

One of the senses that you should preserve for as long as you possibly can is your hearing. The thing is, there are people out there that will be more likely to suffer from hearing loss where others are not. This can happen as a result of many different factors, and while some are not reversible, others are entirely preventable. An appointment with an audiologist is crucial if you're convinced that you are losing your hearing, as they can assess and test your hearing thoroughly to figure out what is going on inside.

It's important to be aware of the risks when it comes to hearing loss, but it's essential to know whether you are at risk for hearing loss. Once you know if you are at risk of hearing loss, you can adjust the way that you live to ensure that you maintain the quality of your hearing.


Firstly, there is a genetic link to hearing loss that can cause it in some people. There are those more prone to ear infection, damage and injury than other people. If hearing loss runs in the family, you need to talk to your audiologist about conditions that you may have and what you can do to prevent hearing loss in your future. Regular hearing appointments is a good start, and you can learn whether this condition could affect your children, too.


The most significant link to hearing loss is noise. Working on building sites and being exposed to consistently loud noise is going to possibly damage the small hairs in the inner ear that help you to hear. It's the same for those who work in music; loud music always playing in a concert capacity can cause irreversible ear damage, too. Wearing the proper earplugs and protection can help to reduce the possibility of an ear injury on the job and if you are planning to attend a concert, then don't stand too close to loudspeakers. It makes sense to be vigilant about your hearing from the moment you know that there could be a chance your hearing is affected.


Those who suffer certain diseases can be a higher risk for hearing loss than others. Meningitis and other conditions that run higher temperatures can affect your hearing in the future, and you need to speak to your audiologist at length about how you can protect your hearing if this is the case for you.

Older Community

Aging is one of the most common causes of hearing loss, as you can imagine a lifetime of loud noise and exposure to various illnesses does not help! Hearing aids can enhance hearing in those of advanced age, and it takes a few appointments with the right audiologist to know that age is the reason for the loss. Regular appointments can help to combat hearing loss earlier in life, which will be beneficial to your health later on.

These factors are variable and affect different people at different times in their lives. Be vigilant about your hearing.