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Top Signs Your Hearing Aids Need Repairs

an audiologist is performing hearing aid repairs

Hearing devices can be complicated little pieces of technology. Knowing if the problem is that of maintenance or repair can be tricky. We are going to look at some of the signs that your hearing aid needs repairs and just what is causing the issue.


Although this should go without saying if you are getting little to no sound from your device, you will need to visit your audiologist immediately.

Getting little to no sound from your device can range from technical issues to hearing issues. Most commonly, if a hearing device loses sound, it can be put down to either the microphone not picking up the sound. When this happens, there is nothing to output. 

There could also be a blockage at the output of the device. An output blockage will, produce no sound for the recipient. Finally, the most technical issue of all. A problem with the amplifier.

The amplifier is the heart of the device; it takes the sound, increases the volume before it sends it to the output. If any of these three fails. The device will have no sound. 

At this point, you should visit your audiologist, and they will perform the repairs. They will also advise on the best ways to stop these issues occurring in the future.


One of the most common issues presented to audiologists is that of hearing device feedback. Most users presume that this is a regular occurrence that happens with all hearing devices.

This is not the case. If feedback occurs, it is generally for quite a serious reason. That reason will absolutely need addressing by an audiologist sooner rather than later.

Canal blockages can cause feedback in the ear. These happen when the sound from the output of the device cannot reach its intended destination, therefore returns to its source. This then causes a feedback effect which, if it keeps happening, can cause long term damage to the hearing device.

This noise can also happen if there are fitting issues with the device. Hearing aids are incredibly smart devices, and they are fitted in a very particular way. They are in keeping with the science of sound. If you offset the device, you interrupt the flow of sound, thus causing feedback.


Having a hearing device that doesn’t have crisp sound isn’t a common occurrence. If you are finding interference with your device, you should be visiting your audiologist immediately. There are generally many reasons you find distortion, all of them, would require repair from an audiologist.