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Top Hearing Aid Features to Consider

Hearing Aid Selection

When you are suffering from hearing loss and need a hearing aid, it is important to ask your audiologist about the types that are available. From behind-the-ear hearing aids to invisible in-the-ear hearing aids, each come with their own unique features (such as rechargeable batteries) that will help to aid your hearing. With the development of technology, these additional features have evolved to offer a range of possibilities. Here is a list of some of the features that different types of hearing aids could have:

Directional microphones

Perfect for if you can’t hear well in noisy environments, hearing aids with directional microphones in pick up the sounds that are coming from in front of you as well as behind. The processor within the hearing aid will reduce the sensitivity of the rear microphone if the environment is loud.

Noise reduction

A great feature of hearing aids is their ability to reduce and adapt to the noise that’s around you. This feature will allow you to hear a conversation better by increasing and decreasing any loud noises that are around you. This is also helpful for when you are inserting or removing your hearing aids as the feedback reduction ensures that amplified sounds are not picked up.


For those of the older generation, the telecoil feature is ideal. Assisting when you make phone calls and in environments such as a church, it will help you to hear speech better. Depending on the type of hearing aid you purchase, it will either do this automatically or have a setting on it that you have to change manually.

Wireless connectivity

Evolving with the modern times, wireless connectivity on hearing aids is a great 21st Century feature that’s ideal for hearing aid users of all ages. You can connect your hearing aid to the tv, phone and more (if they have the ability to do this of course) without having to use wires. Acting like wireless headphones, it’s perfect for those technology enthusiasts.

Environmental noise control

When wearing a hearing aid, it’s clear that you are going to probably be travelling to different environments. As every environment carries different sounds – for example a rock concert will obviously be louder than a supermarket, you want your hearing aid to adapt to the different noise levels. Many hearing devices have a switch on the side of them that you can turn so that it is suitable for each situation, but many newer devices will automatically change depending on which environment you are in. Fitting in with your daily activities, this feature is essential for those of all ages.

Everyone is different and will want features on their hearing aid that fits their lifestyle. Your audiologist will recommend different fits and brands – and each manufacture will offer hearing aids that have different features. Before you purchase a hearing aid, it’s always a good idea to test it out to determine if it is right for you and that it has all the features you require.