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The Benefits of Custom Ear Protection

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If you speak to an audiologist about hearing protection then they might recommend that you seek a custom-made solution instead of buying off-the-shelf disposables. In fact, your audiologist might suggest taking a mould of your ear to ensure that you get the perfect fit, but that’s not where the advantages of custom ear protection end.

In this article, we’ll discuss a couple of the biggest benefits of custom ear protection.

1. They’re made for your lifestyle or career

Your audiologist is like any other doctor; they’re paid to listen to you and help you find a solution to your problems. This means that an audiologist is more than happy to help you pick the perfect type of hearing protection that suits your career choice or lifestyle. For instance, they’ll help you with a custom pair of earplugs if you have to take off and put on your earplugs on a regular basis, or they’ll create a comfortable pair of earmuffs should you need to use them for extended periods of time.

2. They’re made to fit perfectly in your ear

Since your audiologist will be taking a mold of your ear, they’ll be able to create the perfect custom ear protection solution that will fit your ears. This means full hearing protection coverage, maximum comfort and no need to search around for the perfect pair. There’s no need to try on various sizes and materials if you ask your audiologist for help.

3. They’re cheaper than the alternatives

One of the biggest costs to regular hearing protection is buying several different sizes and brands in search of the right one. While you can mitigate these costs by purchasing earmuffs instead of plugs, they might not offer the same level of hearing protection and you’ll still go through several varieties in order to find the right one. Custom hearing protection might initially cost a little more than the alternatives, but over time you’ll make huge savings because you won’t need to replace them or purchase a different size.

4. They’re made for maximum comfort

If you need to wear your hearing protection for an extended period of time then you’ll be glad to know that they’re built for comfort. One of the biggest issues with hearing protection is that it’s often uncomfortable, cheap and flimsy. With a custom solution, you can guarantee that it’s going to fit your ears snugly and provide long-term comfort.

5. They’re more effective than regular ear protection

Since your audiologist will take a mold of your ear for your ear protection solution, you’ll find that it’s actually more effective than store-bought hearing protection. This is because it creates a better seal that will block out more loud noises while still providing plenty of comfort.

6. They’re cleaner to use

Since you’re paying for a custom ear protection solution, you can guarantee that it will be easy to clean so that you prevent it from building up bacteria and which could lead to infections. Custom hearing protection is also more durable, meaning you can clean them without being worried about worsening their quality.