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Best Features of Hearing Aids

two hands holding a hearing aid on a well lit room

Hearing aids can dramatically improve the quality of life for anyone experiencing hearing loss no matter how old they are. With vast improvements in hearing aid technology over the past decade, people with hearing loss can choose styles with a variety of superb and useful features that improve their quality of life and even enhance it. If you are experiencing hearing loss and want to know which hearing aid features are the best, consider these possibilities.

Noise reduction

Noise reduction is a feature you will find in all hearing aids. This helps you to hear more clearly in loud, crowded areas, but the level of reduction will vary between styles and some styles will not provide as much noise reduction as others. While most will reduce crowd and background noise, others can also reduce wind noise, which makes being outside safer and more enjoyable. 

Directional microphones

Directional microphones will increase your ability to hear specific sounds in busy areas. These features are something else you will find in several of the hearing aids. But there will be levels to how effective this is. Quality hearing aids allow you to focus the sound pickup in a single direction, which will make it easier to hear people while having a conversation outside or in a public place. 

Rechargeable batteries

It feels as if everything uses a rechargeable battery nowadays, and hearing aids are no different. Styles with rechargeable batteries are more convenient and better value for money, as you don’t need to buy replacement batteries. Although you will need to remember to charge them overnight to make sure they last all day. 

Wireless connection

Similarly, a wireless connection is a wonderfully modern feature you can expect to find with new hearing aids. You can connect your hearing aids to your smartphone, TV or music player to get a crisp, and clear sound without outside interference.

Remote control

A remote control is a useful feature for smaller hearing aid styles such as in the ear (ITE) or in the canal (ITC) models. As these are so small and discrete, there is not enough space for onboard controls. Instead, you can use a remote control to adjust the settings. This remote can be an app on your phone or a control that you carry with you. 

Preprogrammed settings

Preprogrammed settings are a fantastic way of saving you time when figuring out how to use your hearing aid. You can speak to your audiologist about the kind of settings you will come across, and they will recommend a hearing aid based on your lifestyle. If you work outside, they can guide you towards a hearing aid with preprogrammed settings for being outdoors. 


Synchronization is a fantastic feature for anyone who uses two hearing aids. You can set them up to work alongside each other, so that any changes you make to your hearing aid will occur in the other, making everything more straightforward. 

There are several features for you to consider when purchasing a hearing aid. Although not all hearing aids will come with all these features, you can pick out which features are most important to you and work with your audiologist to identify a hearing aid that marks all the boxes.