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4 Questions to Ask During Your Hearing Aid Fitting


When you attend your hearing aid fitting, it’s important that you don’t sit there passively. You mustn’t be afraid to ask any questions you might have, as they could play a role in what your audiologist does next.

Speaking of which, here are four questions you should definitely ask them during this important appointment:

Can I wear my hearing aids all the time?

This is an important question to ask because there are loads of different hearing aids out there. Some are designed for constant use, while others need only be worn in certain situations. What’s more, asking this question lets you know whether or not you can wear your hearing aids to bed, or when you shower. The response from your audiologist should give you a better idea of how you can take good care of your new device.

How do I clean my hearing aid?

As you can imagine, any device that sits in your ear will eventually need cleaning. Ask your audiologist how to clean the device properly and they will gladly show you everything. It’s likely they’ll give you resources to look over as well if you want something to read when you leave the appointment. I’d also suggest you ask for a cleaning demonstration so you can see exactly what to do and what not to do.

What happens when the battery runs out?

Hearing aids are powered by little batteries that vary in size and strength. As with all batteries, they’ll eventually run out of juice. You need to know what happens when this scenario presents itself to you. Asking this question will lead to your audiologist explaining how to tell when the battery is running low. They will also show you how to take the batteries out and replace them.

Can you show me all the important features?

It’s vital that you know how to use your hearing aid properly. This means you should understand how to switch between programs, change the volume, or anything else. Your hearing aid fitting is the ideal chance for your hearing care provider to run through everything for you. They’ll spend time showing you each feature, teaching you how to use it and also how to get the best out of it.

The point in asking questions is to leave with more confidence after the fitting. By asking all four of the questions above, you’ll now know how to look after your hearing aid better and also how to use it properly. It’ll be less confusing when you’re all on your own and helps you avoid booking loads of follow-up appointments because you’re having trouble using your device.