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How to Troubleshoot Hearing Aid Repairs

Hearing Aid Repair

Hearing aids are typically used every single day, meaning that you can encounter some rather problematic issues with them over the course of a few months or even years. In most cases, you can solve hearing aid issues by simply speaking to your audiologist so that they can diagnose the issue and solve it, often returning your hearing aids the same day so that you can continue to use them.

However, every now and then you might encounter an issue that could be solved by simply just troubleshooting it yourself. Remember, if you try the following fixes and still notice your device isn’t performing properly, schedule an appointment with your audiologist.

Lack of or no sound coming from your hearing aids

One of the most common reasons for now sound coming out of your hearing aids is because there is no power. If there’s no power then it can indicate that your batteries have been exhausted and need to be changed or it could mean that you have to charge your hearing aids. The solution will generally depend on the type of hearing aid you use, but there are other issues that could be causing the lack of sound.

For instance, you may have accidentally turned the volume down all the way or perhaps you accidentally muted your hearing aids. If you think this might be the case then it’s worth consulting your manual or speaking to your audiologist to ask them how to change the settings on your hearing aids.

You should also perform a visual inspection to ensure that there’s nothing physically blocking the hearing aids. For instance, there might be earwax blocking the microphone grills or there could be something clogging the tubing slots into your ear from a behind-the-ear style of hearing aid.

Lastly, if you’ve recently dropped your hearing aids or damaged them then you might be facing a hardware issue. Although hearing aids are designed to be sturdy, there are cases when they might be damaged from something like a drop or accidentally crushing them.

Hearing aids are producing a lot of static or feedback

There could be a number of solutions for a problem like this. For starters, check that it’s not being caused because of a setting on your hearing aids. Next, ensure that the microphone and speakers are not within close proximity of each other. If they are, then it’s likely that the speakers are too loud and the sound is being picked up by the speakers, causing the feedback that you’re experiencing.

Another potential issue could be the hardware. You won’t be able to really do anything if there are hardware components that are damaged, but if you give your hearing aid to your audiologist so they can examine it then they might discover hardware errors that could be causing the static or feedback in your hearing aids.

Lastly, you should also consider if the fit of your hearing aids has changed. For instance, some people that lose weight might find that their hearing aids are no longer a close fit, meaning they may need to have the molding re-made to fit the size of your ear canal.