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5 Signs Your Hearing Aid Needs Repairs

Hearing Aid Repair

Are you having trouble with your hearing aid? A hearing aid is a tech device, and like any tech device, they can break or develop a fault. Indeed, the nature of hearing aids makes their problems rather complex. These are tiny devices that could require repairs, replacements parts or indeed a replacement of the entire model.

Here are a five signs hearing aid repairs may be necessary and when you should speak to an audiologist.

1. Not working at all

Has your hearing aid stopped working completely? If your device appears to be dead, the common culprit will be a dead battery. That is great news because it is a simple fix. You just need to take the old battery out and replace it with a brand new one.

As well as this, you might want to consider looking to see if the tubing that links the receiver to the ear mold is clogged with earwax. This can be an issue and will mean you need to replace the tubing.

Aside from that, you might want to check that the hearing aid is switched on. If you have checked these three issues speaking with an audiologist and looking into hearing aid repairs would definitely be the best option.

2. In and out hearing

If your hearing aid is working on occasion or failing on occasion, this is typically going to be another issue with the battery. This will be noticed by lower than typical noise or the sound going in and out while using the device.

If replacing the battery has no effect on this, speak to an audiologist.

3. Whistling while you’re listening

Perhaps you can hear a whistling sound. There are a few causes of this issue. The first is that the hearing aid hasn’t been placed properly. You can try taking it out and putting it back in carefully. Alternatively, the issue can also be linked to a problem with a wax build up in your ear. Try cleaning your ears out and dislodging some of the built-up wax.

If neither of these fixes works, hearing aid repairs may be required.

4.The volume is too low

Problems with volume could be another sign of a wax build up in your ear or in the tubing of the hearing aid. You may also find that you need to turn the volume up on the device. However, if the volume is set to the max and you still cannot hear properly, you may have an issue that needs repairing.

5. Your hearing is getting worse

You might panic if you find that your hearing aid is no longer doing the job and improving your sense. However, there is every possibility that an audiologist can help you with this issue. Even if your hearing has deteriorated, it could be possible to reprogram the device and ensure that it is fully functional once more. It may just be a matter of shifting it to another frequency.

When in doubt, don’t hesitate to contact your audiologist. They will be able to evaluate your hearing aids and determine if repairs are needed.