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4 Questions to Ask Your Audiologist About Hearing Aids

Audiologist with Hearing Aids

If you have issues with your hearing, then we encourage you to see an audiologist. Here, you’ll receive a detailed examination that gets to the root of the problem. In many cases, they may recommend some hearing aids for you to wear. With this device, you will regain some of your hearing potential and turn up the volume on your life.

However, before you choose a pair of hearing aids, it makes sense to ask your audiologist a few questions first. Here are four that you should consider asking:

How do hearing aids work?

This question is the perfect place to start. You give your audiologist a chance to explain the mechanics behind hearing aids. They’ll tell you how they work and how they bring sound into your ears. It’s important to know this as it tells you what the hearing aids are capable of doing and what it means for your hearing. They won’t be able to reverse your hearing loss, but they can help you hear more clearly.

What features do hearing aids have?

Any audiologist will tell you that different hearing aids have various features. So, it helps to know which ones are available. Some of you may need specific features to help with your type of hearing loss. For example, some hearing aids have tinnitus masking features, which are enough essentials for people suffering from tinnitus. Other devices can connect to cell phones via Bluetooth, which you may deem a critical feature. Either way, ask about the features to get a deeper understanding of the hearing aids out there.

Do you have to keep the hearing aids in all the time?

It’s definitely worth asking this question as it gives your audiologist a chance to explain the best way to use your hearing aids. They will tell you the correct way to wear them, and when you should take them out. In doing so, it stops you from wearing the devices too much – or in situations where you risk damaging them.

How do you clean hearing aids?

Cleaning your hearing aids is a part of regular maintenance. As such, you need to know how to do it correctly. A lot of hearing aid problems come from improper cleaning. All it takes is one slight mistake to damage the internal circuitry and render your hearing aids useless! So, ask your audiologist for any cleaning and maintenance tips. They’ll most likely show you how to clean your hearing aids and give advice on what products to use and when to clean them. As a result, you can take better care of your devices and make them last a lot longer.

Generally speaking, it’s always worth asking your audiologist questions when you visit them. With regards to hearing aids, there’s a lot you need to know. So, try asking all four of these questions if you’re in for a hearing aid appointment. Afterward, you’ll feel more confident about choosing and wearing a new pair of hearing aids. If you don’t have an appointment booked, but you feel as though your hearing is getting worse, then we recommend scheduling an appointment with your audiologist today. From here, they can test your hearing and provide the best solutions.