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4 Hearing Aid Features that Make Life Easier

Hearing Aid

Don’t you love it when technology makes life easier?

OK, there are times when technology seems to rule rather than guide, such as when people stare fixedly at their phones. But it can also save the day, such as when you get lost in a strange town but have GPS on your phone.

A great example of the positive power of technology is the modern hearing device. Not only do these benefit from the clarity and capability of digital technology, but using them has never been easier. Let’s consider some of the features that could help you.

#1: Directional Microphones

Noise is all around us, but for the most part when holding a conversation the speaker faces us. When a hearing aid amplifies all sound indiscriminately this can lead to a distracting cacophony channeled directly into your ear. However, a directional microphone can help eliminate this.

A directional microphone is exactly what it says. It is directed to receive and amplify sounds coming from one direction: straight ahead. Thus, in a one-to-one conversation, the voice you want to hear is amplified but the intrusive background noise isn’t.

Taking this even further, some hearing devices have the capability for you to select for ‘rear’ or ‘side’ amplification. Thus, if you have children in the back of the car or are leading a group of walkers who follow behind, the ability to hear what’s going on behind you is invaluable.

#2: Bluetooth Connectivity

How great would it be to take a cellphone call direct into your hearing aid?

This isn’t a dream but a reality with Bluetooth connectivity. No longer do you have to hold the phone to your ear, fearing howl-round or whistling. Instead you accept the call on the handset but receive the audio in your ear.

#3: Remote Control Adjustments

In the same way we adjust the TV with a remote control, the same convenience is available for certain models of hearing aid. This takes wearing a device to new levels of discretion and ease of use. It cuts out the need to fiddle behind your ear and draw attention to the device. Instead, you use a keypad much like your phone, so the casual observer is none the wiser as to what you’re doing.

This is minimizes fiddling around to find the right switch or dial in order to make the adjustment, and losing track of which setting it’s already on and then jumping the wrong way.

#4: Automatic Volume Control

Those new to wearing a hearing device need to relearn the skill of ignoring intrusive sounds. Part of the reason for this is that most hearing aids don’t selectively amplify sound but increase the volume across the spectrum. However, modern devices have automatic volume settings. This means the device is clever enough to recognize a quiet speaking voice, and make it louder. While that irritating roar of traffic noise is turned down.

In short, if you’re wishing there was a hearing aid that could [fill in the blank!] then speak to your audiologist. The chances are there’s now a device that can do just that!