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4 FAQs About Hearing Aid Fittings

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If you’ve been advised to start wearing hearing aids, it’s natural to have questions and to experience a mixture of emotions as your hearing aid fitting looms. You might be excited, but also a bit nervous. This is completely normal. Sometimes, it helps to write down a list of questions, so that you don’t forget what you wanted to ask when you arrive at your appointment. Here are four frequently asked questions about hearing aid fittings.

1. Why is a hearing aid fitting important?

There are several reasons why hearing aid fittings are important, but perhaps the most crucial is ensuring that you feel comfortable and confident with your new hearing aids. If your hearing aids are uncomfortable or they’re too loose, you might not want to wear them and they could slip and even fall out. The fitting enables your audiologist to get the fit just right so that you can enjoy all the benefits well-fitted hearing aids can offer. At your hearing aid fitting, your audiologist will also provide you with useful information to help you program your hearing aids and take good care of them at home.

2. What is actually going to happen at my hearing aid fitting?

A hearing aid fitting is usually divided into a few different stages. The first step involves testing the sound and this is followed by adjusting the fit of the hearing aid. Your audiologist will use different sounds and change and modify the settings to benefit your individual needs and preferences and make sure that you’re completely happy with your new hearing aids. Once your hearing aids are in place, your audiologist will give you advice about looking after your hearing aids and they will also provide you with information about changing the settings and programs.

3. How long will the appointment last?

Typically, hearing aid fittings take around one to two hours. Some appointments may be slightly longer or shorter, but it’s best to leave a couple of hours free in your diary on the day of your fitting.

4. What happens after my hearing aid fitting?

Once your audiologist has fitted your hearing aids, they will talk to you about the adjustment period. This is the stretch of time that follows your hearing aid fitting and it enables you to get used to wearing hearing aids. For the first few days, your audiologist will advise you to wear your hearing aids for a few hours each day. As you get used to your hearing aids and your brain starts to adjust and adapt to new sounds, you can increase the duration until you’re wearing your hearing aids throughout the day a few weeks after your initial fitting. Your audiologist will schedule check-ups with you to see how you’re getting on.

If you’ve got a hearing aid fitting coming up and you’ve got questions, don’t hesitate to ask away! Your audiologist will be happy to provide the answers for you and they’ll be on hand to give you advice and to ensure you’re able to make the most of your new hearing aids.