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3 Questions Your Audiologist Will Ask About Hearing Aid Repairs

Broken Hearing Aid

When it comes to your hearing aid, in general, you will have a lot of questions to ask. However, when it comes to your hearing aid and repairs for them you might have a few more questions. But, what kind of questions will your audiologist ask you when it comes to hearing aid repairs? Let’s take a look.

  • What have you done lately? This may seem like a very random and generalized question, however, the answer to this question can tell your audiologist a lot. For example, if you mention that you recently went on a tropical vacation and were around the water with your hearing aids the entire time; this may give a few indications as to possible problems with your device and why it may not be working. Or, for example, the dog got a hold of your hearing aids, or perhaps you dropped them a while back not thinking anything of it at the time. Any little occurrence in your daily life could affect your hearing aid and the way that it works so it is best to know what you have done lately to give your audiologist an accurate description of the problem at hand.
  • When did it start? Knowing when the problem started is important. This will help the audiologist diagnose when and what occurred to possible cause your current problem thus being able to determine what the problem is currently and how to possibly fix it. Sometimes something so random that happens in your daily life can actually affect your hearing aid later on without you even realizing it. So having an accurate timeline will help in solving the problem quicker and more efficiently.
  • Describe the problem. Describing what your actual problem is in its entirely is important. Sometimes going in to see your audiologist the problem may have corrected itself and not be present or the hearing aid may not be working at all to show the audiologist what was going on so being able to describe accurately the issue at hand will help in the diagnosis.

Being accurate and informative to the audiologist will help them to determine the problem at hand with great ease thus allowing you to get back to your daily life with your hearing aids working properly.