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Hearing Aids in Niles, IL

At Hearing Professionals of Illinois, we understand that the prospect of having hearing loss and getting hearing aids can be overwhelming.  Please remember that the decision to pursue hearing instruments is completely elective.  It is a decision that should be made, based in large part, on how you are functioning and not solely on test results.  In order to be a good candidate for hearing aids, you have to recognize that you are having a communication problem and want help.  A person who is not motivated, or who is being pressured into this decision against their will, has little chance of being a successful hearing aid user.

In addition to motivation, there are many factors that help make a patient a successful hearing aid user.  First, the patient should be thoroughly educated about hearing instrument technology and what features are the most appropriate for their hearing loss, listening environments and budget.  Next, the patient needs to have realistic expectations as to what type of benefit they can expect from their hearing aids.  Finally, the patient needs to understand that the process of adapting to hearing instruments can take a few weeks and generally requires several follow-up appointments.  A successful hearing aid fitting is more likely when the patient has a good relationship with their audiologist, follows the audiologist’s instructions, and keeps the audiologist informed when any changes occur.

At Hearing Professionals of Illinois, we offer a wide variety of state-of-the-art 100% digital hearing instruments and will work with you to determine the most appropriate solution for your diagnosis, lifestyle and budget.  We have accounts with all of the major hearing instrument manufacturers so we can order the most appropriate product for each individual patient. We offer basic, essential, advanced and premium technologies and our hearing aids range in price from $850 - $2100 per instrument. All hearing aids are fit with a 45 day evaluation period, with unlimited appointments for adjustments.  Service fees are non-refundable and range from $425 - $650 per fitting.  Your satisfaction is our primary goal, so we will make sure your hearing instruments fit well and are programmed for maximum audibility. All of our hearing instruments come with a 3 year manufacturer warranty, which covers unlimited repairs. This warranty also covers one loss/damage replacement per instrument, with a deductible. Routine follow-up visits are the most important part of this process and determine long term success, so we provide a one year, worry-free Service Plan with all of our new hearing instruments.

Most importantly, if you decide that the time is right to try hearing aids, we will help guide you through this process.  We will provide you not only with the instruments themselves, but also with the information, support and guidance that you will need to become a successful hearing aid user.  At Hearing Professionals of Illinois, we are committed to your success and will deliver exceptional care and service for the life of your hearing aids.    

For all of your hearing healthcare needs, we are “hear” for you!