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Custom Noise Protection

For Hunting

DefendEar Solid

This full thickness earplug offers the maximum amount of noise reduction of any custom ear piece (37-40dB). It is a great option for shooting enthusiasts, heavy equipment operators and construction workers.

DefendEar Hunter Passive

This budget friendly custom ear piece works well for those who need a balance between situational awareness and noise suppression from low shot count firearms.

DefendEar Digital 1

This custom earplug prevents hearing loss by providing excellent noise suppression while also enhancing ambient environmental sounds.

DefendEar Digital 2

This custom earplug offers modes for both recreational shooting (continued shots) and game hunting (intermittent shots).

DefendEar Hunter

The ultimate in digital hearing protection for hunters, this earplug offers excellent enhancement of low level environmental sounds while providing impulse suppression from larger caliber firearms. It also includes a wind reduction mode for open range and hunting stand environments.

For Musicians

DefendEar Concert

This custom earplug helps to limit sound exposure from instruments while still providing a rich musical experience for the performer or the audience. These comfortable, canal style earplugs are available with your choice of interchangeable filters (9, 15 or 25dB) which allow the wearer to hear music accurately but at a reduced level. Additional filters can also be purchased. Musician’s earplugs are an ideal option for musicians, concert goers, bartenders, waiters, dental professionals and flight attendants.

In Ear Musician's Monitors

These comfortable, custom made monitors provide a superior quality of sound that is prized by professional musicians and discriminating audiophiles. They also reduce ambient noise, providing 25dB of noise attenuation to meet the challenges that musicians face during a live performance. These monitors provide exceptional lows, clear mids and sparkly highs in a variety of price points.