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Comprehensive Hearing Aid Services

Hearing Aid Evaluations

If your hearing test reveals that you are a candidate for amplification, the next step in the process of getting hearing aids is having a Hearing Aid Evaluation.  At Hearing Professionals of Illinois, we stress patient education and encourage you to bring your loved ones to this appointment for support. During this appointment, the results of your hearing test will be reviewed as they provide an outline of what sounds you are hearing and those you are missing. We will then ask you a variety of questions about your daily life and your perception about your hearing.  These answers will help your audiologist determine what type of hearing aid technology would best serve your specific needs and what you can expect hearing aids to do for you.  We will show you actual examples of  the different styles of hearing aids and review the different features available for each model.  Your audiologist will answer any questions that you may have and will make sure you are thoroughly educated about hearing instrument technology and what features are the most appropriate for your hearing loss, listening environments and budget.

Hearing Aid Fittings/Dispensing

Once you have decided to order hearing aids, your audiologist will schedule an appointment for you to take delivery of your new instruments approximately two weeks later.  Ear impressions may be taken if an earmold or custom hearing aid is being ordered.  At the fitting appointment, your audiologist will review how to clean and care for the hearing aids, how to insert and remove them and how to change the batteries. Your hearing aids will be programmed to your specific hearing loss and adjustments may be made to make sure you are comfortable with the new sounds you are hearing. It is a good idea to bring family members or close friends to the hearing aid fitting so they can help you remember all of the information that is given and be a support for you.

Hearing Professionals of Illinois offers a 45 day evaluation and adjustment period on all of our hearing aids. During this evaluation period, you will return at least twice for check up appointments. At that time, we will review any information that you need clarified and answer any questions that you may have.  Your audiologist will make fine tuning adjustments to the hearing aids if needed, based upon your experiences with them.  Testing may be performed with the hearing aids so we can assess how you are hearing in real world situations.

Hearing Aid Reprogramming/Service

Routine service on your hearing aids will help them last longer. We recommend a hearing aid check appointment every six months. If you purchased your hearing aids from us and have a service plan, these appointments are complimentary. If you purchased your hearing aids elsewhere or do not have a service plan, we can clean, check and reprogram your hearing aids for a small fee.

Hearing Aid Repairs

If your hearing aid is not working properly, please call our office.  We offer in-office service for minor repairs.  If a major repair is needed, we will send your hearing aid to the manufacturer for repair.

Speech Mapping 

A test of hearing aid performance using realistic signals (speech or music) while the hearing aid is in the patient’s ear.  A small probe is placed deep into the patient’s ear canal prior to inserting the hearing aid.  This probe microphone measures how the hearing aid is performing in real time and the information is sent to a computer screen for analysis.

Assistive Listening Devices

There are many assistive listening devices available today, from sophisticated systems used in theaters and auditoriums to small personal systems.  Hearing Professionals of Illinois offers a variety of assistive devices to make your life easier.  They include FM systems, personal amplifiers, CaptionCall telephones, and TV listening systems.  There are also a variety of wireless remote controls, streamers, remote microphones, telephone and TV adaptors available to connect directly to your hearing aids via Bluetooth technology, turning your hearing aids into personal wireless headsets.  Ask your audiologist for more information. 

Battery Sales

We offer all battery sizes and our battery stock is refreshed monthly. We also offer battery mailing directly to your home.

  • Size 10: yellow
  • Size 312: brown
  • Size 13: orange
  • Size 675: blue