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Audiology and Hearing Aid Services

At Hearing Professionals of Illinois, we are always here for you. Our team of audiologists is dedicated to providing you a superior hearing care experience. No matter which of our five offices you visit, you’ll always receive the same high level of professional and compassionate care for adults and children.

Hearing Tests

If you suspect hearing loss, schedule an appointment for a complete hearing evaluation. The audiologists at Hearing Professionals of Illinois use the following exams to assess the ability to hear and process speech:

  • Pure-tone testing
  • Bone conduction testing
  • Word recognition testing
  • Tympanometry
  • Acoustic reflex testing
  • Conditioned play audiometry (CPA)
  • Visual reinforcement audiometry (VRA)
  • Otoacoustic emissions testing (OAE)

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Hearing Health Education Program

We believe an informed patient achieves the highest hearing care outcomes. That’s why we are dedicated to educating you about your hearing. This starts with interpreting the results of your exams and then recommending the best technology. You’ll even attend our 90-minute educational program that provides you with strategies, tips and techniques to best hear and communicate in different situations.

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Comprehensive Hearing Aid Services

Consider the Hearing Professionals of Illinois your one-stop for all your hearing aid needs. Not only do we match your hearing needs with your lifestyle, cosmetic concerns, and budget. We also factor in any vision or dexterity issues when recommending the best hearing technology for you. Your hearing aid fitting appointment will fine-tune your new hearing aid, so you hear sounds comfortably and you’ll learn to care for your devices. We are with you every step of the way on your hearing journey. As you adjust to your hearing aids, we are there to provide any additional adjustments that may be needed. And if you ever have a problem, we can perform many repairs while you wait.

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Custom Earmolds and Micromolds

Custom earmolds make for more comfortable hearing aids and hearing protection. Hearing Professionals of Illinois can make a cast of your ear in as little as 15 minutes, so your hearing aids or custom earplugs or earmolds fit perfectly for hours of comfortable wear.

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Custom Noise Protection

Exposure to excess noise levels is the most common cause of sensorineural hearing loss. Wearing hearing protection doesn’t have to be hot or uncomfortable. Custom earplugs and earmolds fit better than off the shelf solutions and provide superior protection.

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